Thursday, August 26, 2010

Part B of Making a Cameo Bangle

I had the wax and frame sent to the casters where I got it silicone moulded and cast in silver.

Bending and forming the shank from half round stock gauge silver

After filing and sanding the prongs to an elegant shape, I then gave an offering and a prayer to the soldering gods and hoped for the best. It worked. right on. The image here is the metal being cleaned in the pickle (a hot acid solution to clean the flux off).

Here is is clean and polished! I decided to polished the shank and leave the cameo matt white, which I achieved by heating and pickling the top of the piece repeatedly to bring up the fine silver to the surface.

After much faffing about with different finishes and techniques and having to re-polish and fine silver after every damned failed attempt at getting it looking the way I wanted...

I ended up painting the background black with enamel paint.

Done. Photographed. And now in a box under my bed. x

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