Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sneaky peak at some hot off the benches...

I have been working really hard and having a great time coming up with a whole lot of new necklaces for my next market at Bowerbird Bazaar in Adelaide.  This really is the funnest bit of my whole business.  It's all about extending time in the zone... man. My addiction to  'Zone time' is why I occasionally act a little crazy, forget to eat, smoke a little too much and generally get obsessive over the minutia of clasps, findings, finish and resolution of designs.  The resolution of jewellery is more complicated than most people realise.  To make a necklace hang right, at the right length with the correct balance and the right proportions doesn't just happen over night people!
Here is a sneaky peak at some of them...

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  1. Hey Trine the chunky lines and Oriental colours look great. Jeremy NZ